Titanium vs Steel Choice

Pile of Titanium Chips

Titanium vs Steel: Whats the Better Choice? In the manufacturing world and the machining industry, titanium and steel are the top choices when it comes to using the strongest and most versatile materials to produce highly durable products. Although they have overlapping uses and applications, choosing one over the other is a challenging task because […]

Top Challenges to Consider When Machining Titanium

CNC Machine Cutting Chips

Top Challenges to Consider when Machining Titanium Titanium’s high strength, high corrosion resistance, low weight, and other distinctive characteristics make it a material that is ideally suited for a wide range of medical, automotive, and aviation applications. Some of the top challenges to consider when machining titanium can challenge even the most experienced machinists. The […]

What is Turning CNC Turning Milling for Custom Machining

CNC Machine Processing a Part

What is Turning? CNC Turning & Milling for Custom Machining CNC machining encompasses several processes, the outcomes of which can include tools, parts, or components for use in almost every industry. Boring is the process of removing material from the inside of a rotating piece, while turning removes material from the outside. The process of […]

What is a Custom Fabrication Shop a Review of Our Capabilities

Lathe Machining a Part

What is a Custom Fabrication Shop? : A Review of Our Capibilities The Schantz family began building custom trailers and trucks for the food industry more than 60 years ago. Today, Schantz Machine & Fabrication is a full-service, family-owned-and-operated custom machine shop. Their metalworking expertise and reputation fueled growth in aftermarket racing products, dirt and pavement […]

How to Keep Costs Down with Low Volume Production Machining

Fusion 360 End Mill Model

How to Keep Costs Down with Low Volume Production Machining The biggest hurdle when it comes to low-volume production machining is the per-unit cost. This is especially true for one-off parts or prototypes.  There are instances where low cost just isn’t a viable option because the design calls for a complicated part with many setups […]

How to Find the Best Precision Machine Shop for Your Project: 8 Questions to Ask

CNC Grinding Machine Grinding a Cylinder

CNC machine shops are like chefs in high-end restaurants; each has its own specialties, their preferred ways of working, and a hard-working team behind them. To ensure you get what you want, just as you would for a great meal, give some due diligence when looking for the precision machining parts shop for your project.

Custom Machined Parts: How to Keep Your CNC Machining Costs Down

5 Axis CNC Machine Making a Impeller

Custom Machined Parts: How to Keep Your CNC Machining Costs Down When it comes to CNC machined parts, finding the right manufacturing company to work with can prove to be a challenge – especially when you are looking for a high level of quality coupled with affordable costs.   Whether you’re looking for large-scale production of […]

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