CNC Design for Manufacturing Services

Schantz Machine & Fabrication offers Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services tailored to help you minimize costs and maximize manufacturability and assembly of your products. This enhances overall production quality and reduces time to market. As an industry leader in CNC machining and fabrication services for highly customized and precise parts, we understand the crucial role that effective CNC design plays in ensuring your project is optimized for efficiency from design to production. Unlike many machine shops that simply quote and charge you the highest amount, we provide expert insights that will save you money and time and let us produce parts faster. Partner with SMF for reliable DFM solutions.

What is Design for Manufacturing (DFM)?

DFM is an engineering practice designed to optimize all the manufacturing functions within a product, ensuring cost efficiency and ease of production. By integrating Design for Manufacturing services at the early design stages, you can avoid costly reworks and ensure your product is easier to manufacture without compromising on quality. Whether you’re developing a new product or looking to improve an existing one, DFM provides detailed analysis and recommendations.


The process involves assessing every aspect of your design, from material selection to component geometry, to ensure it meets manufacturability standards. With the right expertise, DFM helps streamline your manufacturing operations, reduce material waste, and lower production costs, making your project more feasible and economically viable.

Our Design for Manufacturing Services

At Schantz Machine & Fabrication, we offer innovative DFM services that ensure your products are not only manufacturable but optimized for cost-efficiency and performance from the onset. Our proven approach ensures we’re able to meet your unique challenges.

Cost & Design Consulting

Our experienced team evaluates your product designs to identify areas that can be simplified to reduce unnecessary complexity and material waste. We also suggest alternative design techniques that maintain functionality while improving the ease of production and reducing costs. Our experts also evaluate the overall design to ensure that it aligns with best practices for cost-effective manufacturing.

Manufacturability Analysis

This Design for Manufacturing service involves carefully examining each design to ensure feasibility within modern manufacturing constraints. Our expertise allows us to identify potential production challenges before they become costly. We recommend design modifications that facilitate easier and more reliable manufacturing processes. Ensuring that each design is optimized for the selected manufacturing technology helps prevent future redesigns and delays.

Material Optimization

Selecting the right materials is crucial for the success of any CNC machining product. We guide our clients in choosing materials that balance cost, functionality, and durability to meet the product’s requirements. We also recommend sustainable materials and processes that reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality. Optimizing material usage is vital in Design for Manufacturing consulting.

Verification of Design Efficiency

If your design is close to finalization, we provide comprehensive verification to confirm its manufacturability and assembly efficiency. This Design for Manufacturing service helps confirm that the design meets all necessary manufacturing standards and best practices. We also provide detailed feedback on any areas where the design may fall short, offering solutions to enhance its manufacturability. Our validation reports give you confidence in the readiness of your design for production.

Through these capabilities, Schantz Machine & Fabrication ensures that your project benefits from the highest levels of efficiency and innovation. Engage with us to leverage our expertise in DFM and see how we can turn your concepts into cost-effective, market-ready products.

Why Choose Schantz Machine & Fabrication for DFM?

Choosing Schantz Machine & Fabrication means partnering with a company dedicated to excellence in every aspect of CNC machining, metal fabrication, and Design for Manufacturing services which streamline manufacturability and assembly. Here’s what makes us stand out from our competitors:


  • Expertise: Our team has over 60+ years of industry knowledge. This allows us to work on even the most complex designs that others might overlook. Our precise attention to detail ensures that every design is optimized for functionality and manufacturability.


  • Cost Savings: We ensure significant cost savings for our clients by refining product designs before they go into production. By evaluating and modifying designs to be more material-efficient, we reduce production costs and accelerate the manufacturing process.


  • Client Satisfaction: Our clients benefit from insights provided by our Design for Manufacturing services, which save them money and reduce their product’s time to market. This high level of client satisfaction stems from our ability to meet your needs precisely and efficiently.


  • Accountability: At Schantz Machine & Fabrication, we hold ourselves accountable for any delays, errors, and inaccuracies in cost estimation. Many of our customers reach out because a competitor had a production delay, long lead times, or made an error in production. We focus on preventing these issues and ensuring a smooth and reliable production process for our clients.

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