Metal Fabrication


Prototyping and Custom Fixtures                                                                

When your project requires a production quality prototype, look to Schantz Fabrication's Prototyping and Machining services. Using traditional manufacturing methods, like CNC milling, turning, and sheet metal, we can turn your design into a fully operational  prototype. We can deliver you an exact part, made from the right material that can be used for form, fit and functional testing.

MIG and TIG Welding                                                                                             

Whether in large quantities or for low volume / high mix production runs, we provide precision metal fabrication services to meet our customers exact specifications and requirements.

Structural Metal, Tubing and Sheet Metal

Schantz Custom Fabrication has the technology and more importantly the talent to build all types of metal structures and assemblies.  From truck and trailer parts, tubing structures, suspension parts for racing and street use... you name it and SCF has the ability to build it.