Low Volume Production Machining Services

Why Do Machine Shops Struggle With Low Volume Production Machining?
If you need small quantities machined, Schantz Custom Fabrication can help. Small quantity orders often work out to be expensive; that’s because some parts of the job take a fixed amount of time regardless of the number of pieces ordered. We have ways of addressing those issues that let us perform efficient and affordable low-volume production machining services.

It’s all about setup, programming, and organization. Well-maintained CNC machine tools cut quickly and accurately; it’s getting to the point of cutting metal that differentiates machine shops capable of handling small quantity orders. Creating a part program and setting a job up on a mill or lathe takes just as long whether you’re machining one part or 1,000. Shops that have invested time and effort in driving down the time spent on these “non-productive” activities are better placed to handle small quantity production.

At SCF, we minimize cycle times with high-speed machining and we organize our shop and workflow to program and set up each job in the shortest time possible. We’ll even work with you to improve model file accuracy in ways that speed up programming; that’s the competitive angle we offer on your low-volume production machining work.

Low Volume Machining of a Brass Workpiece
Milling Machine Tool for Low Volume Production Machining

Do I Qualify For “Low Volume” Machining Services?

The issue is less about the number of pieces you need machined and more about how long it takes to set up the job. Or to put that another way, as a percentage, how much of the total run time for the job is setup? If it’s less than 10 percent, the cost impact of setup is small.

At SCF, we’re organized to get each job onto our CNC machines and start cutting metal as quickly as possible. That drives down the setup time percentage and means we can tackle low-volume work that other shops don’t want. If you think your quantities are too small for efficient machining and competitive pricing, just ask us. You may be surprised!


Are Low Volume Production Machining Services Right For Me?

We provide a lot of low-volume production machining services for clients in the field of motorsports. Brackets, mounts, and suspension components are all considered typical precision machining work without large quantities. Industrial machinery, process industries, and general manufacturing are other sectors with small quantity requirements.

Prototypes are another form of low-volume machining work we can handle, but this is not quite the same as production machining. In production, we’re usually doing repeat quantities every month or quarter, whereas prototype machining can involve a lot of development effort to get just a few parts to the customer. Regardless, small quantity production machining doesn’t have to be expensive – reach out today to learn more about what we could do for your project.


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